In-depth look at a day in the life of a bbw mistress.

A day in the life of a bbw mistress is a varied and interesting one. As a professional Dominatrix, I am privileged to be able to spend my days indulging in my favourite thing – dominance and control.

Most days start with me preparing my dungeon and making sure that all my equipment is in good working order. I love spending time in my dungeon, it is a special place where I can really let my imagination run wild and explore all my deepest desires.

Once everything is ready, my slaves will arrive and I will spend the day enjoying their company and inflicting my will upon them. I love to see them squirm and suffer under my touch, it really gets me going!

In between all the fun and games, I also have to attend to my business matters. This can involve anything from meeting with clients to sorting out my finances.

At the end of a busy day, I will retire to my bed, exhausted but satisfied, ready to do it all again tomorrow! Official source

What are the rules of being a bbw mistress?

There are many different types of BBW mistresses, each with their own unique set of rules. However, there are some general rules that apply to all BBW mistresses. Firstly, a BBW mistress must be confident in her own body and sexuality. She should be comfortable with her large size and should not be afraid to show it off. Secondly, a BBW mistress should be open-minded and willing to explore her sexuality. She should be open to trying new things and should be comfortable with her own kinks and fetishes. Thirdly, a BBW mistress should be able to take control in the bedroom. She should be able to be dominant and should know how to please her partner. Finally, a BBW mistress should be respectful of her partner’s boundaries and should always be consensual.

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